General Questions About this Bureau


plus symbolDo I need to make an appointment?

plus symbolI turned up and you were closed, what happened?

plus symbolI have an appointment and need to change it, can I?

plus symbolI rang the Adviceline number and no one answered, when can I speak to someone?

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Questions

With all the answers below things are changing rapidly so please be aware things may have changed please check GOV.UK for the latest advice

plus symbolI came to your office but no-one was there when can I see someone?

plus symbolI called the numbers but the line was engaged when can I speak to someone?

plus symbolDo I have Coronavirus / Covid-19? What should I do?

plus symbolDo I need to attend the Jobcentre for appointments?

plus symbolI am due a medical assessment for my benefits what will happen?

plus symbolI need a food voucher how do I get one?

plus symbolHow do I know the person ringing me really is from Citizens Advice?

plus symbolI've been made unemployed what should I do?

plus symbolI'm self-employed what help is available to me?

plus symbolHow do I register as extremely vulnerable to receive food deliveries and additional help?

plus symbolI’m a pensioner, but I don’t have one of the medical conditions listed can I still get help?

plus symbolAm I a key-worker?