I claim Disability Living Allowance(DLA). My award is due to go on for some time but I've been asked apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Why is this happening and do I have to apply?

I've been ill recently and have had to spend a lot of money on prescriptions. How might I qualify for free prescriptions?

I was three months late in putting in a claim for housing benefit after losing my job. I didn't know I could claim. Can I backdate the claim?

I've started claiming Universal Credit after losing my job. My parents have offered to take me on holiday for a week in France. Will this affect my claim?

My son is 17 and has left school and become an apprentice. I claim child benefit and child tax credit for him. Will it stop?


Can I claim a refund if my train is delayed?

I took my car in to a garage for some simple repairs but they haven't been sorted and they have found some other faults that I'm sure weren't there, and it's taking a long time. It's now getting very expensive. What can I do?

I'm trying to cancel a contract with a mobile broadband provider but they tell me I can't and keep billing me. What can I do?


I have just left home and moved into a rented flat after paying off my debts. How can I avoid getting back into debt and spend less? I work 30 hours a week on the living wage.

I have an appointment at Citizens Advice to discuss my debts and benefits. What should I bring with me?

I recently lost my job and fell behind on several bills including my council tax, electricity and credit cards. I'm back in work and keen to start paying off my debts, but can't afford to pay them all straight away. What should I pay off first?


What can you do if your employer has withheld your pay?

I am 23 and my employer pays me £6.95 per hour. I have heard that there has been an increase in the minimum wage. Can you tell me what the increase will be for my hourly rate?

I have returned to work after having a baby. I work 24 hours per week and have been in my job for four years. I'd like to change the days I work to suit my childcare arrangements. What are my rights?


I'm a private tenant and there's mould in my property. I keep reporting it to the landlord but she won't pay to get the problem fixed. What else can I do?

I need to urgently find somewhere to live.


I'm thinking about drawing up a will. Do I need a solicitor to do it?

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